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Message Subject VACCINE: If you think you knew it all.. Think again!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Dude I was telling my wife minus the concrete lungs the part I disliked the most about have Corona was how it fucked with my mind. I felt dizzy confused and couldn't think right. The virus didn't feel "right" almost as if I were multiple virus spliced together. My nose had this God awful burn and smell for 12 days. I couldn't smell anything but that smell. My youngest was exposed and school and brought It home to us. He didn't get sick but randomly started saying he smelt a vinegary type smell. Ah ha thats it thats what I smelt it was a smell but I couldn't put it into words. Not pure vinegar but vinegar mixed with something else. Related or not who knows just my experience. I personally believe its sinister what ever they have planned but then again it could all be made up? What the actual fuck why did I have to grow up in this time period lol 😆
 Quoting: GentleGiant9400 79730023

when i had pnuemonia i couldnt taste or smell things normally.
what i COULD smell though, always smelled like PAINT.
it was horrible.
a constant smell of paint, the mucus i was coughing up, the water i would drink...just nasty.
im sure glad thats over.
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