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Message Subject Edgar Cayce Was a Freemason!!
Poster Handle tann3100
Post Content
I doubt you have a Catholic in your group. Catholics have been very sternly warned against joining the Freemasons by the church.

Well I know for a fact that his wife and in-laws are, so I assumed he was, but as I said personal religious views are of no real importance. I do know that some popes made strictures on catholics joining and they created the Knights of Columbus as an alternate choice for them, but likewise I know catholic women who use birth control and have abortions, so I assume there are catholics who do not listen to their popes as well.

It is a bad idea to go against the Catholic church and recieve communion.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 540299

I dont think religion matters. Im not in a masonic order but have traveled a long time on my search for truth and realize that religion is not what bonds us and until we realize our spiritual food which is good and pure with no evil intent in our heart it does not matter what you follow for a person of light knows a person of light reguardless of there outter covering because they know to greet from the left side.

Many still have not figured out who the true keeper of the seed is yet but yet many ramble about evil and everything else it amazes me.

Take care
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