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Message Subject Edgar Cayce Was a Freemason!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Edgar Cayce promoted religious tolerance, brotherhood and the freedom to worship.

This was never a Protestant principle. It is a Masonic principle.

Most Masons are Protestants anyway, so what's the big deal. The concept of tolerance and fellowship among all humans is what Jesus taught.

Most Masons are Protestants? Really? I'm a non Protestant Mason, and now that I think about it, I don't think many Masons I know are. Not that it realy matters because as long as you believe in a God you can become a Mason. As far as men of that time period, most middle class men were Freemasons, it was a very popular men's club at the time. So the fact that Edgar Cayce was a Freemason isn't suprising at all. The fact that some tin foil hat people in these conspriacy sites think the Masons are something diabolical just kills me. Anyone that does alittle homework about whats behind Masonic rituals will quickly see it's nothing Satanic, or NWO-like.


I know of NO Protestant Mason's in my District. I have been to 10 Lodges and as of yet have never met any, either.

And if people would seek out Mason's they would find a man that is helping out his community, neighbors and family and would lend you a helping hand if you asked for it!
 Quoting: Masonic Brother 568973

I varies from place to place.I belong to a lodge in the S.E., and most ARE protestants of one stripe or another; mostly Baptist. I have met one Catholic, and one Mormon. The word had always been that both were forbidden to be members, but there they are anyway. I have met a Muslim, and a number of Jews as well. As I said, it varies from place to place.
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