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Message Subject Edgar Cayce Was a Freemason!!
Poster Handle Jachin
Post Content
Most Masons are Protestants? Really? I'm a non Protestant Mason, and now that I think about it, I don't think many Masons I know are. Not that it realy matters because as long as you believe in a God you can become a Mason. As far as men of that time period, most middle class men were Freemasons, it was a very popular men's club at the time. So the fact that Edgar Cayce was a Freemason isn't suprising at all. The fact that some tin foil hat people in these conspriacy sites think the Masons are something diabolical just kills me. Anyone that does alittle homework about whats behind Masonic rituals will quickly see it's nothing Satanic, or NWO-like.

Fraternal Greetings Brother. I am not a Christian, but in my lodge most brethren are one or other of the protestant faiths, including Anglican, United and Unitarian. I think one of my Brothers is a Roman Catholic, but I do not care enough to ask. None of this is important, how they choose to worship is unimportant, what is important is that we are Brothers of one common humanity.

I doubt you have a Catholic in your group. Catholics have been very sternly warned against joining the Freemasons by the church.
You've never heard of P2? Many priests and bishops were caught attending their meetings in Italy.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 579551

P2, or "Propaganda Due" was an "irregular, and clandestine" lodge that had their charter pulled by the Grand Orient of Italy when it was discovered what they were up to.
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