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Message Subject Edgar Cayce Was a Freemason!!
Poster Handle Masonic Brother
Post Content
The famed "Sleeping Prophet" Edgar Cayce is the driving force behind the search for the Hall of Records, and he timed this discovery with the coming earth changes, which injected fear and urgency into the quest.

I ask readers to reread the opening quote for this chapter, which shows that Cayce's agenda was Masonic. (Opening Quote: "With the changes that will be wrought, true Americanism, the universal thought that is expressed and manifested in the brotherhood of man, as in the Masonic order, will be the eventual rule in the settlement of affairs in the world".-Edgar Cayce)

Cleverly presented to the public as a simple Christian who was deeply disturbed by the weird occult information that came through his trances, Cayce in fact had already been exposed to the information. He had a prodigious memory and worked in bookstores where he read many esoteric books. He was exposed to many occultists who sought him out. Cayce and his father were high enough up in the Masons to found new lodges, and they were salesman of Masonic insurance. (The Stargate Conspiracy, Picnett and Prince, xiv. pg 106-107)

Cayce advised Woodrow Wilson on the formation of the League of Nations. He was introduced to Wilson by Colonel Edmund Starling, then head of the Secret Service, who was a friend and possible fellow Mason along with Cayce's father. (Ibid, 255-302)

The content in Cayce's readings is repackaged, moldy, old esotericism, such as the works of Alice Bailey, Madame Blavatsky, and H.C. Randall Stevens. (The Stargate Conspiracy, Picnett and Prince, pg 63)

Channels often bring through material they have already studied, because esoteric data is the perennial wisdom, and this process is a form of teaching and rediscovery for the channels and their groups.

The problem with Cayce is that he was presented as an innocent and sleepy Christian, and ordinary good-hearted people took his occult ideas and prophecies as Gospel truth. The search for Cayce's fabled Hall of Records is central to the Elite agenda, and the search is a fabulous tool for cloaking the conspiracy. (Catastrophobia, Barbara Hand Clow, pg 190)

Well, If Barbara Hand Clow said it, it must be true. All of those people that were healed following his advice must have been kidding themselves. (Or did he become a doctor of advanced medicine in his spare time?) When you look at the number of hits he had over the years including those that weren't proven until after his death (Essene women for example), it is hard to believe your claims.
They seem more conspiritorial than Cayce
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 586700

If you would comprehend the bold letters you would desseminate that Cayce did not say Mason's exclusively!

It seems to be unto interpretation.
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