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Message Subject Edgar Cayce Was a Freemason!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
OK folks, there have been so many Bishops and Cardinal's that have been initiated into the craft that saying there are none is like sayin there is no air.

So, lets start back in 1884 when the Humanum Genus was issued that pretty much made public the feud between the lodge and the church. It seems they always felt that masons were trying destroy the Catholic church.

So surprise, surprise in 1920 when Leo XIII dies Cardinal Rampolla was expected to be the next big Papa. What to guess what happened. wait for it.........................

Jus Exclusivae was invoked after the first ballot of the Cardinals and effectively killed his chances based upon one Monsignor Jouin evidence that he was made a mason. Later Catalonian-Balearic Grand Lodge published a list of know members and his name was on it.

Now for the conspiracy nut the first two words of this paragraph should be researched. I not giving all the goods away folks.

BTW folks here realize that all of the Monarch's in Europe were against masons because they felt that masons were trying to rid their countries of nobleman.

BTW the Propanganda Masonica lodge was established in 1877 the name P2 did not come about until the lodges reemerged from ground after WW2 and had it seems several Cardinals as members like Cardinals Sebastiano Baggio, Ugo Poletti the Vicar of Rome and of course Bishop Paul Marcinkus the Vatican Banker....
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