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Message Subject Iranian Minister: Gays Deserve Death Penalty
Poster Handle Mark In NYC
Post Content
Welcome to fundamental Mulsim Governments!

Their religious beliefs on this one run exactly parallel with their beliefs on Christians and other "infadels" as they're fond of calling us. Their beleif system teaches them that we should be given one chance to convert to Mulsim Religion or face death penalty. Simple and quick. Makes the Catholics and the inquisition look like a long drawn out process!

Look, these people are obviously crazy. They believe in killing anything and anyone who is not one of them! It's that simple. Whether it's Jews, Gays, Adulterers, Christians, etc., they teach that theirs is the only religion and the rest should and indeed must be slaughtered. Tolerance of different beliefs and value systems are NOT part of their world. NOT ONE LITTLE BIT!

The fact is that in IRAN there was a huge gay community. Mostly guys that were married and many of them were part of the upper eschalons of government (before the fall of the Shaw and the takeover by the Muslim Fundies.) Because of their high government placement and the fact they have families, no one would dare accuse them of being gay. But they had their secret loves and their trysts and their meeting places far away from prying eyes of the government. After the Muslim Fundamentalists got power, they had to go further underground or get the hell out of there all together. Which most of them did. Now many of them are out of that horrible little country and living with their families in the US and Canada. Thank God!

This is one of the many reasons I hope we do bomb the shit out of these vile countries before they develop nuclear weapons capabilities. Giving these idiots nuclear weapons is madness and they will stop at nothing in using them to destroy the Christian and Jewish West! Their hatred of us is that deep and that violent. They beleive that God is telling them to destroy the west and they're going to do it the minute they get their hands on Nuclear weapons one way or the other.
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