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Benjamin Fulford meets up with David Rockefeller in Tokyo.

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 113430
11/13/2007 07:53 AM
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Benjamin Fulford meets up with David Rockefeller in Tokyo.
See photo of Fulford with Rockefeller: [link to www.rense.com]

There is much I cannot tell. I met David Rockefeller just before he was due to meet the Emperor. He was summoned. Something big is happening. It seems G.T. Fulford is an honest-to-God genuine ghost. (Ghosts have appeared to, and worked through, relatives and descendants throughout history. -ed) The reason I met him (Rockefeller) is that I sent a letter from G.T. to him. I believe the matrix is about to collapse and the world is going to get much, much better.

The fact that I was able to call him (David Rockefeller) directly (without going through middlemen), and knew he was in Tokyo for what was supposed to have been a secret visit, may have spooked him a bit.

It is clear the Asian secret society has begun to move. The dollar is still dropping. The US Air Force has suspended all flights of F15s. Japan's politics are in turmoil. The post-war regime is ending.

I have attached G.T.'s letters to David. My very powerful subjective experience was that the letters were dictated to me by G.T. Fulford.
I have never believed in ghosts. However, I have had visions recently (without using any drugs) so powerful and so unusual, that I am pretty sure G.T. is really a ghost. Impossible memories are also coming back to me (like being frozen and hungry on a boat in the St. Laurence river in my early days or like my love for Eleanora - the lady I knew of as my great-aunt Eleanor).

Please also note that William Lyon Mackenzie King, who was Prime Minister of Canada for over 20 years, wrote in his diaries that he consulted with ghosts to decide how to run the country. Mackenzie King's seances were often held at the Fulford home. My Great Grandmother introduced him (King) to spirituality. According to my Grandmother, he regularly consulted with the ghost of G.T. Fulford. David Rockefeller told me that Mackenzie King was his father's best friend. These are historical facts.

I continue to check and, as far as I can tell, I still have full sanity.

Benjamin Fulford

Read the rest here: [link to www.rense.com]