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Just An Ordinary Day

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User ID: 77388453
United States
12/11/2020 09:41 AM
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Just An Ordinary Day
It was no Friday the thirteenth. Baba Vanga had not spoken. No incoming space objects were noted, and DS had no major quakes forecasted on the horizon. There were no religious holidays coming and one had already passed by, nor any major holidays or otherwise for a FF. There was nothing written in the many quatrains of Nostra-damus. The C-rona was already rampant and no surprise to anyone at all. The solar flares had already passed over the stern instead of across the bow much to the disappointment of Ed D. There were no ATM runs, and the stock market had not plunged to an all time low.

Rev was at the store instead of at home cleaning his guns. Tessy was at her keyboard typing an otherwise mundane message to a friend. Forum owner was doing cartwheels while destroying bad guys in the matrix for morning exercise. Lady JS was towel drying her hair. Jake was at work, planning his weekend. The gods Wife lady was writing the twenty seventh letter this month to her “husband” Keanu. LuciferSol was having private time in the bathroom while scrolling on his phone. StormyNights was stuffing her face with potato wedges at her desk. E*t was still asleep. The grayliens at Area 54 were probing some poor guy named Guy in a UFO hangar. Tr-mp was up, tw**ting on his phone and planning a dozen moves on his 5D chess board. In fact, nobody was doing or thinking anything extraordinary for their usual routine.

However, somewhere on the interstate, there was a member driving and feeling something was “off”. Wracking their brain, they could think of no Friday warnings that had been issued. After all, didn’t all Friday dooms slide seamlessly into the Hall of Fails? Why yes, they did. Except this Friday, there was a warning, but one that would be unspoken. This lone driver felt that something and saw something so extreme and frightening that tears rolled down their cheeks…but there would be no typing for a w-rning. There would be no offset of the G-L-P effect to stop it. It would come. It would surprise all. It was nothing that had ever been foreseen or spoken of before. But it would arrive on this inconspicuous Friday. There would be no “N-thing-b*rger’s” uttered. There would be no BS flags raised into the air to flap in the wind. Oh no, nobody would even know until it happened.

In fact, it seemed like any other ordinary Friday.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 73878934
United States
12/18/2020 04:36 PM
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Re: Just An Ordinary Day