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China Reportedly Fortifying Southwestern Border to Prevent Citizens from Fleeing

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12/16/2020 12:12 PM
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China Reportedly Fortifying Southwestern Border to Prevent Citizens from Fleeing
[link to www.theepochtimes.com (secure)]

The Chinese regime is reportedly building structures at its borders with Vietnam and Burma, as an influx of its citizens are fleeing to southeast Asia in search of economic opportunities.

China-Burma Border Fence
China and Burma (also known as Myanmar) share a roughly 2,185-kilometer (1,258 miles)-long border, with about 308 kilometers (191 miles) not clearly defined.

Along the China-Burma border, especially in Yunnan Province, the border line runs between many villages, streets, and so on. Residents have family members in two countries.

For centuries, there was no border wall separating people. In recent decades, both regimes have mandated that citizens apply for a pass to travel back and forth legally. But many parts of the border have no walls or barriers, so people have easily crossed into both countries.

On Dec. 12, the ethnic Chinese insurgency group, Burma Kokang, posted on its official Twitter account two photos, which they claimed were photos of the Chinese government constructing a barbed wire fence at the border.

The group said the first phase of the project—660 kilometers (410 miles) long—has been completed, while the second phase will be finished by the end of next year, and the third phase done by October 2022. Chinese authorities will install high-voltage fencing in areas where illegal crossings are common, while surveillance cameras and infrared alarm systems will be installed all along the border.