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Situation Update, Dec. 22nd – TEN feasible pathways to a Trump VICTORY

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 79795101
12/23/2020 12:46 PM
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Situation Update, Dec. 22nd – TEN feasible pathways to a Trump VICTORY
(This is one of Mike Adams' best ever podcasts, imho)

In today’s Situation Update for Dec. 22nd, I lay out ten feasible strategies which can achieve a Trump victory. Most of these strategies can be invoked by President Trump himself, requiring no rulings or votes from Congress or SCOTUS.

The list of ten strategies is detailed below.

Here’s the intro statement for today’s Situation Update:

- The vaccine is so SAFE, you have to be threatened to take it.
- The disease is so DANGEROUS, you have to take a test to even realize you have it.
- The election is so SECURE, you can’t examine the machines that ran it.
- The economy is so STRONG, they have to pay you to stay home and not work.
- Society is so FREE that you have to be censored to reimagine it.

And here are the bullet point highlights for today’s Situation Update:

- We are living in a nation under siege, occupied by communist China-controlled enemy forces.
- Rumor claims Biden will concede by January 1, but we doubt this rumor.
- Richard Donoghue will be Deputy Attorney General at the DOJ once Barr leaves. Donoghue could appoint Sidney Powell to special counsel if Rosen recuses himself.
- Mark Meadows confirms Trump is fighting and not conceding the rigged election.
- Full discussion of the ten ways Trump can win (see list below).
- Oath Keepers letter demands Trump take action to defend the republic.
- Bill Barr now fully exposed as a sleeper cell agent of the deep state.
- Swamp creatures in the intelligence community continue to delay the DNI report that was due on Dec. 18th.
- Stimulus bill insanity pays billions to the vaccine industry, CDC and same NIH “scientists” who built the coronavirus bioweapon in the first place. It’s the perfect business model: Bioweapons, vaccines, lockdowns and tyranny. Rinse and repeat.
- The US empire veers toward fiscal suicide, now approving over $3 trillion in spending during the month of December alone.
- More details from Patrick Byrne on the White House meeting and the betrayal by Trump’s advisors.
- Traitor Bill Barr claims there is “no basis” to examine the Dominion voting machines. Did he forget about fair and free elections? Transparency? The rule of law?
- Georgia senators conclude “coordinated illegal activities” took place among election workers to rig the outcome.
- Vaccine industry hypes “new strain” of covid so that the sheeple can be ordered to take “updated” vaccines with the new strain. This is a never-ending control scheme: Release a bioweapon, mandate vaccines, then categorize the vaccine deaths as “covid” deaths, and use that to call for more vaccines and more funding for the bioweapons via NIH. It never ends… humanity will never be free until these criminals are stopped.

[link to www.naturalnews.com (secure)]