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Judeo Christian Bible Made Humans Less Submissive to Human Authority.

Scamdemic Coronahoax

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United States
12/24/2020 02:53 PM
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Re: Judeo Christian Bible Made Humans Less Submissive to Human Authority.

No one forces anyone to take a loan. Without interest, there would be no incentive to lend money. Then only people with a ton of money could ever make any large purchases.

I know you are stupid and brainwashed but have you actually thought about or researched any of the bullshit you are parroting? You're a template j hater. Pathetic.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 79649073

blah blah blah...and yet here we are, all enslaved to usury.

It's not Talmud. It's Torah. It's one of the 613 commandments.

It's Mitzvah: Deutoronomy 23:21.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 79490983

whats wrong with it?
what in that law says your country isnt to emulate it?
 Quoting: Saturneus

534. Not to lend with interest—Leviticus 25:37

535. Not to borrow with interest—Deuteronomy 23:20

536. Not to intermediate in an interest loan, guarantee, witness, or write the promissory note—Exodus 22:24

537. Lend to and borrow from idolaters with interest—Deuteronomy 23:21

One law for thee but not for me.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 79490983

God is the law giver. One law for all.

Jesus gave us the choice to follow the old covenant or new covenant, but as with any relationship there are still conditions and requirements.
God is Jesus.