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Message Subject Who remembers JUDY BARRY? Efffbeeeeye bombings
Poster Handle Hazmat420
Post Content
I was with Judy and Daryl the night before the bombing
and actually drove her car the night before also!
I remember every detail to this day and I can attest
it was a well coordinated assignation attempt !
I am 70 years old and have no reason to lie or bear false
testimony to this tragic event! History was re told to
exonerate the FBI; and only us old people who were there
remember the facts and the truth !
Peace to all who got tangled up in this injustice including
the family members of law enforcement who were silenced
by the dark state! Many many people suffered knowing that
a great injustice was never rectified!
Please every one speak the truth and always fight with
non violence.

Never forget and always speak truth, it is the only path and admittedly it is painful and sometimes
Thank You OP,
for reminding us all in these days of uncertainty and difficulty that many people died and suffered to bring
forth our freedom and dignity and we must renew our commitment to carry on in order to make a more perfect
Peace and love to all mankind!
 Quoting: never comes the day

It is my honor to keep alive those things we must never forget .
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