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Subject GLP on WikiLeaks!!!
Poster Handle MP2302
Post Content
> From: God Like Productions Admin
> Date: June 22, 2009 4:34:18 PM CDT
> To: "Abraham Goldman" <[email protected]>
> Subject: Re: Demand for Immediate Removal of Copyrighted, Private
> and Privileged Information
> Sir,
> People who email asking for "cooperation" should not make demands.
> Your letter makes several demands of our organization quoting
> proposed violations of law without basis in fact.
> The document in question that you refer to as privileged or
> copyrighted is not hosted on our website. It is hosted on
> wikileaks.com. As you yourself admit, posting a paraphrase of a
> document or post on wikileaks is NOT protected by attorney client
> privilege or copyright laws. Your attempts to stretch the limits of
> these laws to suit your needs here is ill conceived at best.
> Again I will suggest you take up your cause with the publisher of
> this document and the websites hosting it. Your attempts to stifle
> free speech at a discussion forum will be met with nothing but
> further public discussion of your agenda which you are powerless to
> prevent.

[link to file.wikileaks.org (secure)]
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