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Anonymous Coward
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12/31/2020 07:31 PM
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Antibodies are not the silver bullet they are preached to be by the "trust the science" cult. For SARS-CoV, and very likely for SARS-CoV-2, they are more like a double-edged sword where only one edge is sharp, and it's the one that kills you.

Study published in 2019 by Liu et al. vaccinated macaques against SARS-CoV using a viral-vector vaccine that produced spike protein antibodies. They also had a control group. Then, they had the good sense to challenge the macaques with live SARS-CoV. Guess what happened? The vaccinated group developed severe lung damage. The authors concluded that the antibodies produced against the spike protein promoted massive inflammation in the lungs. But hey, at least they worked at their intended job of reducing viral replication!

I don't understand why scientists, of all people, aren't pointing out this very real risk. Hell, I even listened to a podcast with one of the authors of this study where he was going into so much technical detail about Covid and a potential vaccine, and do you know that he did not mention it A SINGLE FREAKING TIME! I subsequently found out that he sits on the FDA advisory board that voted to approve the EUA for the vaccines. That explains a lot.

Oh, one more thing, this study was funded by NIH so Fauci certainly knows.

Oh, and one more thing, one of the only other co-authors of this report was Andrew Lackner who worked as the director at the Tulane National Primate Research Center. Yeah, he died of a brief illness at the age of 57 in 2017. I looked up the NIH grant which funded this study. It was part of a much larger set of grants in which Mr. Lackner was designated as PI for Biodefense research! No further details were provided unfortunately.

Anyways, the control freaks need to get this vaccine into as many arms as possible in a tightly compressed time frame. Why? Because they need everyone at roughly the same antibody titre the next time an otherwise relatively harmless coronavirus variant is released. That way, they'll get a huge spike in deaths that will keep this game going for them. This is the do-or-die moment for them. If they don't get enough people to take the vaccine the game is over. That's why this info is SO important to disseminate.

Study link:

[link to pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov (secure)]