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Message Subject "I spent 17 years developing various chemicals for Chemtrails" Compilation thread
Poster Handle Chemtrail Ops
Post Content
Can you post a synopsis? What are the main chemicals? What is the main reason?
 Quoting: REaliZe

Too much to summarize, it's 5 days of posting and responses from the OP!

Because of the recent popularity and posting to the nine year old 'I spent 17 years developing various chemicals for Chemtrails - ask me almost anything' 2012 thread by AC6323246(with 175,000 views!). Over a period of several days I laboriously edited the 5 days of posts into easily readable separate threads.
It's a question and answer format with questions from our esteemed GLP membership and the answers from the OP.

It is an opportunity to get into the mind of the people doing Chemtrail Research and Development and the "I was only following orders." or "It was just a job." mentality. And some nuts and bolts info of the direction the govt was going with this Chemtrail project.(population control - mental and physical)

That's the synopsis, you need to read(use the thread search function) for the Chemtrail chems details you want.
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