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Message Subject This is such God damn bullshit! These motherfuckers can't even except their win graciously! No they want Trump out NOW!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Piglosi wants impeachment, or the 25th implemented. Biden is shooting off his blowhole! This was Antifa for all we know. The plan is to destroy Trump's life forever. They had no problem with mostly peaceful protests all summer. We NEED to protect Trump somehow!
 Quoting: Munsoned

Does that surprise you??? They have been trying to get rid of him since he announced he was running for President.
He is protected because he is not one of them. If he was they would not be doing this. Of course it was antifa.
Yes they want to destroy and humiliate Trump as much as they can....and get Pence and others to betray him...all of it. It makes them happy...and that's seriously disturbing. It shows who they are. Who they always were. Trump will leave the White House under secret service protection and maybe be able to breathe a sigh of relief that he isn't a sell out. He tried to do the right thing. He isn't evil.
No matter what they do....He has already beaten them.
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