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Bush, Iraq and the Plastic Thanksgiving Turkey

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 330016
11/22/2007 06:32 PM
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Bush, Iraq and the Plastic Thanksgiving Turkey
Do you remember a couple of years ago Bush made that trip to Iraq to spend Thanksgiving with the troops? There he was for all the press to see carrying a large dish with a enourmous delicious looking , if you are carnivorous, cooked Turkey .Photo flashes going off as he showed all the wonderful Turkey he and the boys were going to partake of. Well it was a plastic one. False and fake just like everything else.
When the story leaked the PR came out saying that they had used a plastic one that was glued to the dish because a real one would have been very heavy to carry and it could have fallen off.
When even the thanksgiving Turkey is false and they sell it to you as the real deal you know its time to not believe anything they say.
Presumably they didnt eat it. Though one never knews.