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Can you briefly sum up the last 20 years?

Atlantis Rising
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United Kingdom
01/08/2021 03:59 PM
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Can you briefly sum up the last 20 years?
So, it's almost 20 years since George W. Bush became President of the United States of America, which at the time, I didn't give a shit about as I wasn't into politics, conspiracy theories, esoteric knowledge, etc. I had dial-up internet but used to research movies. There was no social media except My Space, which wasn't political/conspiracy as I recall. No YouTube. The news media here in Britain was pretty much neutral.

The worst things that happened up in my lifetime was the IRA bombings, the Piper Alpha oil-rig tragedy (in which my 25 year old uncle died), the Gulf war, the Kosovo war, the Dunblane school massacre, O.J. Simpson trial, Jamie Bulger murder, Princess Diana death. But those 20 years were a fucking oasis compared to the last 20 years, beginning at 1pm British time on Tuesday, September 11th, 2001.

My mum says, "turn on the TV, a plane has just crashed into a building in New York." And I thought, "fucking hell, it'll be some John Denver light aircraft accident". But no, it was a commercial Boeing that slammed into one of the World Trade Centers. Oh my God, what the fuck? The footage of the plane hitting the building wasn't shown live. An accident, surely? Some kind of steering failure?

Well, the official story soon unfolds and at the time, I didn't question it, no one I know did. Then around 2004, I came across the conspiracy theories. Up until then, the only con theories I knew was JFK and UFOs and those didn't scare or trouble me, they were a sort of parlor game, but the idea that evil cunts inside the U.S. government were behind the attacks made me very uneasy.

So, I started slowly getting into the esoteric side of life. I discovered conspiracy sites. And YouTube back in those days was the wild west and didn't censor controversial videos and they would even appear on your recommended sidebar, imagine that!

In 2009, Barack Obama becomes POTUS. I was delighted to see him become President over Hillary who I had never liked, even before getting red-pilled on her and Bill, they always came across as power-hungry nutters. Then I start hearing about how this guy Obama may not have been born in America, ie. Kenya or Indonesia and that people were demanding to see his official birth certificate. And it never appeared. And then crazy shit started happening in America that made me realise something sinister was happening not just to America but to the world, that the New World Order was real and was coming one way or another, probably via Hillary when she would inevitably become POTUS in 2017. Then Donald Trump announced he was going to run. This didn't come as a complete surprise to me as I had heard a 1-hour radio interview with him in 2014 and the way he came off he sounded like someone who wanted to fix the worst problems in America, but he didn't say anything about being President to do this. But I followed the Presidential race from day one and over the months Trump ran a raucous campaign that made my laugh in a way that a political event shouldn't! He destroyed everyone in debates. Meanwhile, Hillary ran a fucking TERRIBLE campaign. I wanted Trump to win, but my brain said that it HAS to be Hillary, that's the way this Satanic world has operated for 100 years.

Then at about 8am British time on Wednesday 9th, 2016, Trump is announced as winner! Ho-lay shit.

Then over the next four years, the circus REALLY came to town, culminating in a retarded do-nothing career politician aged 78 years old named Joe Biden who had previously said among other red flag brain-farts, "the best thing about being Vice President is that you don't have to do anything!" becoming President and about to usher in a global utopia free of lies, corruption, poverty, war, child rape and Covid-19.

So, that wasn't brief, but I'd like to hear YOU'RE digest of the past 20 years.

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