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Want to know WHY they're doing another phony Impeachment: Disclosure will wreck them all

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01/09/2021 03:31 PM
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Want to know WHY they're doing another phony Impeachment: Disclosure will wreck them all
I just figured it out. The reason the Congress is going all sorts of panic and haywire over Trump is because they KNOW he is going to declassify all the shit they've been doing for years AND, they know he's going to reveal ALL the juicy dirt (with FACTUAL EVIDENCE) on how the November 3 election WAS stolen -- by them -- and they are terrified the American People will physically rise up and forcibly overthrow them all.

That's why they're still calling National Guard troops into DC.

That's why they're erecting anti-climb fences around the Capitol.

That's why they want to impeach trump AND BAN HIM FROM EVER HOLDING ELECTED OFFICE AGAIN . . . .

Because he is going to PROVE he was cheated, he is going to PROVE Biden is not only on the Chi-com payroll, but also LOST the election, and they know the American people will do a much harsher repeat of what took palce at the Capitol on January 6.

When the American people get the real evidence; stuff that cannot be denied, they will overthrow Congress by force.

Congress knows this too and they are so arrogant, they think they can not only get away with it, but hold off an uprising and survive still in power. That's why they're still brining in troops, erecting anti-climb fencing, erecting physical; BARRIERS on all the streets surrounding the Capitol and beating the drums to blame it all on Trump. He's got the goods on them. They know it. They need a propaganda onslaught to try to fend off what they know is coming.

Someone ought to tell Congress: No fixed position anywhere on this planet can withstand today's technology and sustained aggression. No amount of troops and barricades matter.

If the American people rise-up, all the troops they have couldn't prevent the overthrow.

There are more than 100 million lawful gun owners in this country. If only a mere five percent of them decided to rise-up, they would outnumber the army, navy air force, marines and coast guard by 5:1. And this doesn't take into account that about half their troops are deployed overseas and can't be here to protect them.

I am NOT suggesting anyone actually do this, and I personally won't even try, but those are the empirical realities about who would win if an actual insurrection began. Government wouldn't stand a chance.

Go trump! Release the evidence. Show the world what they did.

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