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Subject Social network Billionaire Mark Zuckerberg
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I hope this message is approved. Anybody remember 1999? Microsoft XP and Windows 2000?

Small %50 of the entire population on this planet Earth were using the computer

Now it's a new year 2021 and the computer is widespread officially. The increase of computer use is now 80%

Social network MySpace came then FaceBook

FaceBook social network Billionaire Mark Zuckerberg is worth 50 Billion and his lifestyle is fancy dining an has a chandelier at his luxury estate.

Billionaire Mark Zuckerberg went from an average man in his university, no one knew who Mark Zuckerberg was before FaceBook while today hes a man of power.

Social network Billionaire Mark Zuckerberg is worth billions and he think his influence can control the world planet.

Facebook is in Russia, Facebook is in England, Facebook is in America.

Mark Zuckerberg thinks he's better than Russia Vladimir Putin and Queen Elizabeth.

Mark Zuckerberg has enough power to remove fans of Queen Elizabeth in England on FaceBook. If Mark Zuckerberg wants he can remove Queen Elizabeth from Facebook in England.

Look at the message of Social network Billionaire Mark Zuckerberg how he removes America President Donald Trump on FaceBook.

Why does Mark Zuckerberg think he's all powerful of the world planet? He's a big llionaire.
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