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"He's a cheater, She's a whore!"

President Elect oniongrass
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United States
01/09/2021 10:28 PM

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"He's a cheater, She's a whore!"
This should be our new slogan. It can't be slander because you didn't even mention any name.

If Biden/Harris are being inaugurated on the 20th, we should fill the mall (there won't be many of his supporters) then break out into the chant

He's a cheater, she's a whore!

You don't have to say who he and she are, everybody knows!

Could even bring in folded signs. On the outside they say "Biden Harris", then once you're in the mall, flip them inside out so both sides say "He's a cheater" on one side, "She's a whore" on the other.

They'll have a good time running the country when the productive class just enjoys f'ing it up and playing tricks on them.

Last Edited by oniongrass on 01/09/2021 10:30 PM

They had a great imperial inauguration, with about 50,000 troops standing at attention on the Mall. All hail the Emperor and Vice-Emperor!