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"Tax the Rich" true definition means, Destroy competition & eliminate the middle class

Anonymous Coward
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United States
01/10/2021 11:55 AM
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"Tax the Rich" true definition means, Destroy competition & eliminate the middle class
We've heard it countless times where the left yells tax the rich, tax the rich, capitalism sucks.

God bless their poor souls. They don't understand how they are being used and they are extremely naive on the subject. The Bolsheviks are controlling their rightful hatred for the rich.

Bolsheviks are clever, they are experts in high jacking words and using those words new meaning to steer the public anywhere they want.

Bolsheviks are going to destroy the economy so bad that the new generation will think 60k a year is rich and then the new tax laws will be hammered on the family making 60k a year.

Tax the rich doesn't mean tax the . 0000001 Bolsheviks making billions like Elon Musk and the rest of them.

It means tax the competition make it difficult for them to compete and tax the middle class families.

How can we tax the rich making billions when the rich has all the top lawyers giving them tax loop holes. The family making 500k a year can't afford the same lawyers.

The new tax laws under biden will have no affect on the bolshevik billionaires. It will have no affect on Jared Kushner lol

It will have an affect on the mom and pops small business owners though.

Now the question becomes, how can a group of people be so heartless and cruel to make something like this happen? It's easy when your god is the Devil himself.