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Subject Meanwhile back at the ranch, NOT A SINGLE CONFIRMATION HEARING for pedo's cabinet picks
Poster Handle BallsDeeper
Post Content
[link to www.vox.com (secure)]

The Senate hasn’t held a single confirmation hearing on Biden’s nominees. That’s not normal.

Traditionally, after a presidential election, the Senate spends the period between when new senators are sworn in on January 3 and when the president is sworn in on January 20 holding confirmation hearings on the incoming president’s cabinet. This allows those nominees to be confirmed very swiftly after the president takes office.

Twelve of President Ronald Reagan’s nominees were confirmed in his first two days in office, as were 13 of President Bill Clinton’s nominees, seven of President George W. Bush’s, and nine of President Barack Obama’s. President Donald Trump’s cabinet was confirmed more slowly, but the Senate still respected the tradition of holding confirmation hearings prior to Trump’s inauguration.
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