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Message Subject Our Texas FB Pages Wiped/Purged (including personal pages)
Poster Handle Green Eggs & Ham
Post Content

Have you reached to any like-minded people in Arkansas?
 Quoting: Pilgrim001

Yes, we have a few members from Arkansas due to it's proximity. Same goes for other surrounding states. I have also personally reached out to N. Carolina, Georgia, Nevada & New Mexico to try & help them get as coordinated as we are. I can only lead the horse to water in that regard but we are all still in contact & keep one another updated including w/ Intel.
 Quoting: Click Here Again

Also, I'd love to learn from you guys and help my own red California county organize. people here are panicking a bit, and we used to have almost zero crime problem and murders, but there have been THREE murders withing ONE BLOCK of my humble, formerly upscale neighborhood since new years eve.

I mean, shoot outs and we literally heard everything. I don't know what to do? Ballistic curtains maybe? I mean, my son still lives here and now I have to worry about him getting hit by stray bullets. Seriously, it's a nice neighborhood. We have an elementary school right here. Kids used to play in the streets. Now we're dodging bullets...LITERALLY.
 Quoting: Green Eggs & Ham

You're welcome to join & mirror our ops. The hard part is getting off the ground. Once you're operational it literally takes off on its own. At that point you merely maintain control of the direction, weed out undesirables, & train, train, train. There's a lot more to it obviously such as rally points, radio frequencies, logistics, etc. but designating the right people in the right places will help tremendously. The thing to remember is, you're not trying to take over the state. You do as I mentioned, lead the horses to water. Let them (each county) decide whether they want to be a "citizens action group" or militia or a combination of both.
 Quoting: Click Here Again

thank you. I'll try to find your app on signal. don't have the other one yet. seriously, telegram is a blast so maybe we'll mirror it there :)
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