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Message Subject How to go to heaven, what will hell be like ??? find out in this short video !!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I have never encountered such a dark hearted hate filled bunch of people.

They say they have love, but all you hear from them is hate, and evil threats of sadistic torture from this god that they say loves you.

They are rude and arrogant, and when they talk of death and tribulation and hell and torture, a darkness enters their eyes. You can see it come over them like a shadow.

They almost come in their pants on the spot as they, with dark sinister joy, go into great detail about what they want to see happen to just about everbody on the planet, and then they get even darker as they describe the torments that they say god will do to all those in hell.

They are like torturers who get a dark sadsitic pleasure in the screams of others.

Evil to the core and black of heart.

The only god they know is darkness and evil.

They always quote that scripture about "telling who a person really serves by their fruits"

They should take a good long look at the evil darkness and hate that gushes from them.

Thats a good indicator to all just WHICH "God" they are in league with.
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