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Eric Swalwell's 2021 Theme Song

Deafy Wickware

User ID: 79280147
United States
01/17/2021 01:25 AM

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Eric Swalwell's 2021 Theme Song
I've always loved this Bowie song, but watching it now and laughing at Eric Swalwell makes it all the more better.


How long has it been since you watched the video? It's hilarious, the "racism" of Bowie making his eyes slanted, and there's a scene at 1:35 where he's in a top hat, walking in the desert and comes upon his China girl laying in the sand. It's in reverse, and you see what it was in forward motion - he's mock executing her with his fingers as a gun to her head.

Creepy stuff.

Plus, the Chinese girl is pretty hideous looking.

Great video, though.

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