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Lefty Stupidity: Steal EVERYTHING, But Fail To Take The Firearms....

User ID: 35976039
United States
01/17/2021 05:13 PM
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Lefty Stupidity: Steal EVERYTHING, But Fail To Take The Firearms....
All My Life, Americans have been LOOTED...

Income Taxes, Inflation, Fiat Money have Robbed U.S. All plus all the other hundreds of ways.

For some perspective, Consider The Federal, Admitted National Debt. When Reagan took office in 1981, it was less than $2 Trillion Dollars... When Bush II took office, in 2001, it was about $4 Trillion. When Big O was installed it was just under $9T. When Trump was innaugurated, it was about $20 Trillion.

Not like this money was spent on infrastructure renewal, or pension plan bailouts. The People received NOTHING beneficial until they got their $1200 & $600 stimulus.

The debt now stands at about $29 Trillion. In Jan 2020, before Covid it just rolled over to $24 Trillion.

In the last year, much of what remained of The Middle Class was wiped-out. Non-Essential businesses, those not listed on the NYSE, or huge regional niche operations, were told to Shut-Down. Rents, which remained about the only investment property that provided income stream to private investors were also shut-down. Housing rental and Commerical real estate, often owned by well-off middle-class Americans, were given mandates to suspend tenant rent payments.

It's been a Clever Game that TPTB have run on U.S. The Federal Reserve Act voted in at night and in secret by only 4 senators on 12/24/13.... Voting on X-mas Eve, and calling their Quorum while meeting in the Senate Cloakroom... Like the Income Tax and Ammendment which took Senate Appointments away from The Many States... Never ratified by a 2/3 majority vote; but Acted Upon as if they were legally binding...

Well, HERE WE ARE! The 2020 Presidential Election stolen so plainly that Bonnie & Clyde would be embarassed. Now they're going to fast-trackl 11million Illegal Immigrants and pass Firearms Legislation...

Of course, TPTB are plainly showing U.S. Their STUPIDITY!

They didn't Take The Guns first!

The Middle Class, after a year of no income are at the point where They Have Nothing Left To Lose!

TPTB have had a Great Deal going here, ever since 1913.... Plenty of well-to-do citizens to plunder and rob by their frauds and schemes...

Yet NOW, there's no more prosperity. People got nothing left to steal; but their Guns... The Internet has enabled even the most ambivalent Americans to learn about all the State Sponsored Genocides that have happened around the world since 1879.

One person killed by a criminal is a tragedy; a million killed by Govt Policy Change is a statistic...

Stupid Greed... TPTB needed to have some form of graft, fraud, theft to leave to their successor generations; but This Group of TPTB have Screwed The Pooch!

Everybody's Poor, or Gonna Be Poor; Except The Uber Criminals... TPTB. Not enough people gonna be left to steal from or swindle!

And they didn't collect the guns before making their move...

I think Gerald Celente is kind of a clown; but, he did get it right when he said, "when people got nothing left to lose, they lose it!"...

Americans of Middle Class origins are educated, skilled and capable of being successful at whatever endeavor they attempt. I should think it will work no differently when they turn their wrath upon those who sought their demise.

It is amazingly clear just who is our enemy in this time of social upheaval... It's the rich guy saying "Let's you and him fight"!
Lester (OP)
User ID: 35976039
United States
01/17/2021 07:38 PM
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Re: Lefty Stupidity: Steal EVERYTHING, But Fail To Take The Firearms....
Seems pretty clear that TPTB know only one game...

There's no reason to play with those who don't have any money.

So that leaves out The Poor. While it might be fun to cheat Matchbox Annie out of her last nickel, it's not very profitable use of your time.

There is a difference between the nouveau riche and the middle class. The Nouveaus think they're entitled to join that big club Carlin says you'll never get in.

The longtime middle class don't have such lofty aspirations. They also tend to hold onto their money and give their time to their community. The Nouveaus write checks if their name goes on the new hospital wing.

Not really gonna be much happening once TMC has been driven out.

Used to be room for all sorts of successful business families... Not any more.

Seen the latest robotics and almost android beings? Aside from harvesting out organs, we serve no further purpose to TPTB.

But stupid they certainly are. Once their game is over, there's no one to game but their buddies and cousins. If they aren't dealt with first, by those pesky Middle Class bourgeois whose firearms they never mangaged to remove.

What an amazing time to be alive!