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President Elect Starrynight here with a Gnostic tarot reading for the fate of our United States

Babel Starry Night

User ID: 79279500
United States
01/19/2021 08:33 PM

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President Elect Starrynight here with a Gnostic tarot reading for the fate of our United States
Hello, I wanted to share with you a 1-card tarot reading I did tonight. Awhile back, I was offering free one card major arcana readings for individuals on here. I have stopped doing readings until recently. Tonight, being on a precipice as we are, I thought it necessary to do a reading for the fate of the United States.
I spent a good amount of time meditating and attempting to commune with god as I asked this important question.
The card I drew was card 4, The Emperor. I am going to give as best of an interpretation as I can. I welcome any additional input from other people familiar with tarot. If you are here to damage people’s faith or ridicule others, I ask that you move along to someplace else. You are no longer welcome here.

The Emperor encourages forthright judgment. Raymond Roger de Trencavel (1185-1209), Viscount of Béziers and Albi, was a central force in the Languedoc. He gave shelter to the Cathars and was one himself. A man of principle, he did everything in his power to find a way of preventing the destruction of his lands and cities at the hands of the crusaders. But at every step, his plans were blocked and in the end, despite heroic efforts, he was captured and imprisoned in his own dungeon; where he died. During his lifetime, Raymond Roger did all he could to further the intellectual status of his land and people.
Some commentators have identified him with the character of Perceval, the Grail Knight and have perceived references to Raymond Roger in the writings of Wolfram von Eschenbach in his epic poem, Parzival. In the context of the Cathar tarot, he takes upon him the role of the Emperor, and is portrayed in this traditional style, before his throne, stern and imperial.

The Emperor represents stability. His appearance as the fourth card in the Major Arcana suggests the “four square” nature of his power. His throne is solid, monumental, and when he sits upon it, he enters into his power, manifesting it to all who come before him. Like the Empress, he can be both protective and aggressive. His guardianship, like that of a father, may sometimes seem harsh, though always tempered with love.

I would like to share with you a summary of the Parzival epic poem. It is 25,000 lines, so we’re going to go with a brief overview if that’s alright with you all. :)
“Parzival, who is eager to become a knight, leaves the forest home in which he has led a sheltered life. He visits Arthur’s court but is judged too raw to become a knight of the Round Table. Later, after numerous adventures, he is granted knighthood. When he visits the ailing Grail King, however, he fails to ask the one question that will release the old man from his suffering: the reason behind his illness. For his ignorance, Parzival is punished by being cursed, and in turn he curses God, whom he believes has turned against him. When he meets an old hermit who helps him realize the true nature of God, Parzival reaches a turning point in his spiritual education. He returns to the Grail King and this time, having gained wisdom, performs his duties correctly. He is rewarded with the title and duties of the keeper of the Grail.“
If this story of Parzival intrigues you, like it does me, I’d like to offer further listening about this beautiful legend here, you can fast forward it to the 6 minute, 30 second mark to save time on introductions. Thank you all for your time and consideration. Video-