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Reality Is What We Say It Is!

Flame Garcia
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United States
01/20/2021 01:16 PM
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Reality Is What We Say It Is!
I watched the Whole Inauguration and my take away is the MSM just laid down the rules for the New Radical, Diverse, Racial Equality America - "Reality is What We Say It Is - PERIOD"
The MSM will not report any discouraging words, phrases or actions of the Harris-Biden Reign as Communism is praised while individualism is smeared and mocked. America has officially become the living Burl Ives song "The Big Rock Candy Mountain" also known as stealth communism.
The 74 million Legal Americans who believed in Trump and the American Dream of MAGA will be vilified, and delegated to 2nd or 3rd class citizenship.
One of the !st new EO's by Biden will be Today and it will be to roll back the Trump ban on Muslims for Majority Muslim Countries - Is that really a priority with the pandemic, security disaster, lost jobs, and tanking economy? Wait for the msm spin on why this is such a priority -
Was any mention made of the 25,000+ armed troops - no, but wait for the unbelievable spin from the msm on their necessary presence in DC

Good Luck Patriots

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