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Liberty and Justice for the elite

anonymous coward
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United States
01/20/2021 01:33 PM
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Liberty and Justice for the elite
I pledge allegiance to the flag of the corporation of the United States of America, LLC and to the corporation for which it stands, one global empire, indivisible, with liberty and justice for the elite.

That's what is happening in reality.

Meanwhile, we waited for our military to arrest the swamp and patiently waited for them to swear him into office first so that the sting operation could have him on solid grounds of stealing the election and subverting the consitution.

And...so far...nothing seems to have happened.

And so it appears that once again, all the talk on the internet making us wait and stand down as we give the benefit of the doubt to the idea that some generals got together and decided to recruit trump to entrap the elite and take down the elite and their followers legally, was an elaborate rouse designed to make us sit and wait while they seized power for themselves, the elite and once again lied to the population and said "liberty and justice for all" when in fact the election was stolen live on tv in front of the entire world and we all know this administration is fraudulent and not of or by the people.

So, what do we do now?

They want to keep us from rebelling so they do things to keep us from rebelling while they continue to brainwash generation after generation and write history according to their lies.

And who exactly does one rebel against and how exactly does one rebel?

Firstly, fuck masks, because fuck them and fuck their pompous belief system that they have a say in whether I cover my mouth or nose. My body. My rules bitch!

Secondly, fuck the narrative. Biden is not President of shit. Kamala isn't President of shit! Congress and the supreme court aren't legal. They are all criminals.

This government only exists so long as people support it.

Don't enlist in the military.
Don't pay taxes.
Don't serve on jury duties.
Don't follow mask or lockdown laws.
Don't mask your children.
Don't take vaccines.

If someone believes in doing those things above and they want your emotional support, don't give it to them. Don't help them at all. Let them fall on hard times and go running to their corrupt government handouts for help. Leave them in the dust.

As of today, zero shits given to those brainwashed individuals that would vaccinate, be vaccinated, mask up or demonize those who would not mask up. They are to be ignored.

I will only ever speak to someone who wears no mask. If they wear a mask, I can not hear them and they are invisible.

So be it.

And buy an AR15 before it is too late.