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???When Trump invoked Stafford Act + FEMA on Jan 11, is this the plan? (post is from from another forum)

Anonymous Coward
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United States
01/20/2021 03:09 PM
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???When Trump invoked Stafford Act + FEMA on Jan 11, is this the plan? (post is from from another forum)
Opinions please! Is this BS or actual?

(quote from another discussion forum)

”President didn’t sign Insurrection Act. He activated FEMA (PEAD-CSPD) and signed the Stafford Act.

The military advised Trump the circumstances don’t constitutionally merit activated Insurrection Act and Trump doing so would be Treason, because the military advised it wouldn’t be appropriate and it’d be more akin to Trump using his power like a dictator, so he didn’t.

Trump had a few options, including martial law, Insurrection Act, and FEMA + Stafford Act, and he chose the best one ensuring the death of the corporation and restoration of the r
Republic because FEMA dissolved constitutional government, meaning government doesn’t exist outside of what FEMA dictates, meaning Biden cannot be legally sworn in because on January 20th the Constitutional government will not be in place, meaning even Pelosi cannot step in (because that would be unconstitutional ), so if the corporation doesn’t have a CEO on Jan 20, the corporation cannot exist.

So Trump trumped them all and guaranteed the military will restore the Constitutional Republic and Trump’s inauguration will be March 4th as it had been before the Corporation was implemented.

Trump just cannot step in even though he won, because the recent election was for CEO of the corporation and he was never certified, so a new election will be held for the new Republic.”