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Future Prediction - Mark It Down!

Floyd Gondolli
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United States
01/22/2021 01:47 PM
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Future Prediction - Mark It Down!
I predict....

In about 3 months (sometime around April), Biden will announce that COVID has been defeated. You may even see him announce it while tearing off his mask and throwing it to the ground. He will say something like, "My administration did something in three months that Trump couldn't do in an entire year".

This will result in a full re-opening of the economy and a temporary economic "boom", which he will of course take credit for.

Fast forward 3 years...

As the election cycle starts up again, COVID will make a most unfortunate return. Once again they'll need to do mail-in ballots.

The question is...will everyone fall for it a second time? I sure as hell hope not. But start telling people now - the people that were scared to death of this thing - what's going to happen, so at least then they may realize how fake it all is.