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Message Subject Something Weird Going on with States with Big Lottery Wins!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Today my BF and I were looking at the big Megamillions lottery results. We noticed that the big winners were always in the same states with the voting anomalies. So he researched a bit and found the same for the Powerball. I asked him if Dominion was their software and he could not uncover that info. But he said that 38 states use the same software and the 12 that don’t are red states. Also, the same blue states win over and over. Which means that those states receive large tax incomes from those winnings. Which means that the poor Hopium people who buy the tickets are just aiding the blue states and don’t really have a chance to win? Please run with this, if you can.
 Quoting: Peaceplz

They are ball games. There is no software other than the terminals that sell the tickets. You can pick your own numbers. If they got to the people who inspect the balls then any balls they choose could pop up. The exact way to do it has been in a movie and a tv series. In this case, offer 10 or even a hundred million to the ball watchers and you have a rigged game.
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