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Subject OK I need a new list
Poster Handle Tyrone Slothrop
Post Content
The first list was 35 items of Ain't Shit Gonna Happen;
The second list is three items Liberal Pathology 1-3
Now List number three
Things y'all need to get through your thick ass heads
1. You don't need a civil war, just stop working.
do I really need to explain this? The government needs production because it doesn't produce anything. This also decreases the tax revenue. It undermines the debt market which is possibly the real Achilles Heel of the crime syndicate. Look at a map of the red and blue areas. Who produces the food and energy?
2. You aren't going to vote your way out of this
No Patriot party, no MAGA party, no reclaiming the GOP.
3. If government were limited, it wouldn't matter much who won an election.
You talk about who shouldn't be able to vote, or cry about who won. That's because where we stand right now, the crime syndicate can do anything. AN NY THING
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