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the current judgment of the anomaly

dark doom man
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02/23/2021 05:38 AM
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the current judgment of the anomaly
the important/vital matters is money and honor
i personally know my enemies or the people who harmed me the most and destroyed my life by taking my money and my honor
they are only about 200 people in Egypt
at the top of them are the anomalies' father relatives who destroyed his life by scamming, torturing, mocking, annoying and dishonored him and maybe killing his parents or at-least causing their death
and the people who intimidated him and conspired against him to take away my his land
and the people who beaten and harassed him

his main enemies ere his father relatives, or to be more accurate some of them
in his family, the ones who hate him the most, lead the war against him, and made the rest of his family destroy him, are 3 or 4 women
who are all dominated by air signs and who are all voted for the Muslim brotherhood
and who are all Muslim-liberals(feminist/capitalist) who are religious, working and see nothing wrong about wearing tights together with Islamic head cover

and there also the people who burned the court in his city and with it his legal papers, they are mostly the Muslim brotherhood

there are the rest of my enemies who did not take my money and my honor, but they mock, fear, insult, annoy, defame, outcast, despise, hate me
and my enemies or the people consider me things me like sexual harasser/incel, mentally-ill/stupid/idiot/child/mindless, evil/dissonant/thief/unjust/Kaffir/arrogant, gay/woman/disgusting/cuckold and loser/unskilled/valueless

these types of people threaten/scar me and make my life hell even if have money and honor
the numbers of these types of people are huge, they are everywhere in the world and their percentage in Egypt can be from 1% to 99%
i can not Specify their exact percentage, since there are some fate-like entity that keep surrounding/besieging me with them everywhere i live or go, it seem that they exist around the place where i live far more than anywhere else

some of them can want to harm me even more than my family, despite the hell that my family put me in, these types of people can even can hate my family just because they did not conspire to kill me or send me to prison or mental-asylum yet
and because my family sometimes can give me small help me because they pity or fear me

i think that most of these people are the voters of the Muslim brotherhood and the Muslim-liberals(feminist/capitalists) that spread in al-sisi era, like girls who wear tights together with Islamic head cover

and there are the matter of the neutral people
they are types of people who are not my enemies but not my people, theirs percentage are big, they treat me normal, but they also watch what wrong my enemies do to me and do not car about it, they actually can befriend my enemies and see nothing wrong about them

and they can easily and quickly change to be against me if my enemies convinced them or told them so or if i tried/intended to destroy everyone because what my enemies do to me

and they worship Allah, my enemy and the god of my enemies

but some of these neutral people have some vibrations that is similar to my vibration or compatible to it, these people can treat me with love or give me indirect small benefit/help from far away

it seem that i can not blame all people for what some people or some types of people did to me

but i can not use my magic powers to target and kill certain/single individuals, at-least without harming the others with them
my magic powers is maybe like it is spread thin, it is universal not local powers, but it also seem to be not concentrated enough to specially target and kill single persons/individuals

and i do not even know the common identity of my enemies so i can target only them

and the social/governmental system of the Egyptians did not give someone like me, who have no money, evidence, social respect, friend, lover, family, persistence, vigor, credibility or even sense of security, any possible -or easy- mean/method to take back what they took away from him

and the god of the Egyptians did not seriously protect me or seriously punish them or given me back my money and my honor
actually they worship him and it seem that he is the one who lead/help them against me

nearly no one ever in Egypt has seriously befriend me or helped me get out of this hell
and my family made sure that this never happens

one time a Capricorn girl tried to befriend me but my Muslim-liberal family that live with me in my building and that nearly all of it's member are dominated only by air or fire zodiac-signs/element and that all or most of them voted for the Muslim brotherhood, has terrorized me and scared me from befriending her
other time i prayed to the Yaksha and the devas to give me money, they gave me inheritance but members in my family hide the news from me until they made a trap for me, manipulated me psychologically and took most of the inheritance

therefore my current judgment is:

the ones that he vitally want/need to punish and destroy are his father relatives who took away his inheritance and his honor
and with them the people who took way his land and the others who burned his legal papers
he want all his money/properties back from them all, together with interests and huge compensation
and he want them to be dishonored as they dishonor him
all that must happen very soon, like in a matter of month from now

and i want my other enemies who despise, harm me and to destroy/harm me even more than what my family, al-sisi and the voters of Muslim brotherhood did to me , to be killed too

either that or he want all the Egyptian people -or at least the Egyptian adult males- except him, to die in the current year
and if the rest of the world was like Egypt or worse, then he want what happen to the Egyptians happen to all the world
he want them to die with a virus because this is the wisest of methods
when that happen he can inherit them as they took his inheritance
"an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth"

i have no people, because if i had ones, they simply would kept trying to seriously help me and/or befriend me until they get me out of hell and made me married prosperous, victorious, comfortable and secured

and i see no reason why the other people who are neutral can not be treated as expendables
anyone who are not with good against evil can be treated are expendables, anyone who are untrustworthy and can shift anytime to be evil are expendables
and simply i can not let my enemies keep me in hell more than this just so i do not cause unwanted harm to them
if they was harmed then it is the responsibility of my enemies not my responsibility
i am like a foreign one man army who are in a war with Egypt, i can not stop the war and accept defeat just because not all the Egyptians harmed me or want war with me, no army can ever do that, it is just the nature of war

Last Edited by dark doom man on 02/23/2021 05:42 AM
you unjustly accused me with being mentally ill, i made your world ill with corona
yo called me a Muslim and a woman, i made you wear masks like Muslim woman burka
you outcasted me and called me an incel loser, i made you lose your jobs and socially distancing yourselves
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 79134376
02/24/2021 07:17 PM
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Re: the current judgment of the anomaly
Make picture with "i am the anomaly sign" at sphinx or gtfo, faker, actor.

If you get it done and mention GLP you gain our respect. If not you are behind an Egyptian proxy playing some acting game.

You are probably Iranian/Caucasian