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Yellow and Red in HOLLYWEIRD Posters! Forgot to sign in

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02/28/2021 12:25 PM
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Yellow and Red in HOLLYWEIRD Posters! Forgot to sign in
Noticed the new Tom and Jerry HOLLYWEIRD poster, my first thought was it sure reminded me of the Joker poster?

The colours stood out to me as well as it looked very much the same

In the middle of 2 buildings in NYC, Joker wears 'Red Yellow'
Tom n Jerry in the middle of a 'Red' and 'Yellow' car? Tom also has 'Yellow' eyes with a 'Red' tongue?

So then I was curious with More 'Yellow Red' in Hollyweird Posters

The Wizard of Oz has no 'Yellow Red' for the poster, but the script itself
'RED' shoes 'YELLOW' brick road. right, right!

The Simpson's
Bart 'Red' shirts 'Yellow' writing

Kill Bill's
#1 'Yellow' background with 'Red' wording
#2 They flipped it 'Yellow' 'Red'

American Dad
Lettering for the Show 'Red'
Wife has 'Yellow' hair

Pulp Fiction
'Yellow' words
'Red' wallpaper top

Natural Born Killers
'Yellow' Font
'Red' Glasses

From Dust to Dawn
'Yellow' Dusk
'Red' Dawn
The sky is both 'Yellow n Red'

Jackie Brown
'Yellow' Jackie Brown
'Red' for Cast

Once Upon a Time... In Hollywood
'Yellow' Once upon a time in
'Yellow' Leo's turtle neck
'Red' Coming soon
The 'SKY' is 'Redish' Orange, Yellow n Red make Orange

The rest of his scripts are the 'Satan's' colors

Knives Out
'Yellow' Title
'Yellow' last names
'Yellow' Thansgiving
'Red' Chair JLC

Silence of the Lambs
'Yellow' butterfly wings
'Red' Eyes and Title

Daddy's Home
'Yellow' Oven mitts
'Red' Boxing Gloves

Superman EVERYONE of them made
'Yellow' in the symbol
'Red' Cape Symbol
'RED' SHOES!!!!!

Dick Tracy
Has alot of 'Yellow Red' going on

Deep Throat (Kill Bill Style)
'Yellow' Background
'Red' writing

Kung Fu Panda 1-4 (Kill Bill Style)

The Incredibles
'Yellow' in the Symbol
'Red' Outfits

Toy Story 1-5
'Yellow' Lettering
'Red' behind Story

'Yellow' Just the Facts
Gold is 'Yellow'
'Red' Dragnet

Bachelor Party
'Yellow' Bachelor
'Red' Garter

Madagascar 2 and 3
1ST one did not have 'Yellow Red'

Back to the Future 1-3
Same as Madagascar
Same as Indian Jones

'Yellow' Shorts Headband Socks
'Red' Tee
Orange stripes

'Yellow' Oval
'Red' Lettering

Indiana Jones 1-4

Jurassic Park only the 1st Movie has 'Yellow Red'
'Yellow' outline
'Red' circle

'Yellow Red' Fireballs

Empire of the Sun
'Yellow Red' Sun

Hunger Games 1-4

South Park (Joker Colors)
'Yellow' Mitts Top of Toque
'Red' Jacket

Bob's Burgers
'Yellow' Background
'Red' Bob's Burgers

King of the Hill
'Yellow' Texas
'Red' King of the Hill

Beavis and Butt-Head
'Yellow' Hair
'Red' Beavis and Butt-Head

F Is for Family
'Yellow' Outline and Rainbow
'Red' Netflix and Rainbow

Doc Hollywood
'Yellow' Dress Hair Sunset
'Red' Car

Teen Wolf (1985)
'Yellow' Sleeves
'Red' Jacket

Teen Wolf Too
'Yellow' Tee
'Red' Background

Adventures in Babysitting
'Yellow' Lettering
'Red' SHOES Jacket

License to Drive
'Yellow' Drive Sunset
'Red' Car Lettering

Weird Science
'Yellow' Weird, Candles
'Red' Weird Candles

The Cleveland Show
'Yellow' Tee
'Red' Tee

Die Hard 1-4
'Yellow' Fire
'Red' Fire

I went down this path after seeing the Tom n Jerry Poster

I was told that life is beautiful,
Well I'm not looking through those eyes

You gotta be crazy to say you love me

Being crazy in paradise is easy

Kiss away the pain and leave me lonely