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Subject Putin's War: Money, Ideology, Troll Farms & TV STATIONS
Poster Handle 03
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Some Quotes from the article.

"There is a lot written about Putin’s external politics and Kremlin’s goals and motivation. The general consensus is that the short-term goals are the removal of the economic sanctions and the normalisation of Russian aggressive behaviour abroad. Most experts agree that the long-term goal is the shift in the existing political equilibrium. But here is not much clarity when it comes to Putin’s ideology, though (or the lack of the above). I would like to start this interview with a question about the Kremlin’s ideology in order to get more clarity."

"Few people in the West realise that Putin was a member of the Communist Party. Some radical-left Russian fans are unaware of the reality of oligarchy. Radical far-right see Putin as the saviour of traditional Christian values. It seems to me that the Kremlin’s ideology is a shape-shifting chameleon, a mix of patriotism, the idea of Russian superiority, Eurasianism, the idea of a multipolar world, and more. Can you talk about the Kremlin’s ideology and ideologues?"

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