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The 'POWERS' that be want us ALL HIGH and NUMB!

No Use 4 A Name
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03/03/2021 01:31 PM
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The 'POWERS' that be want us ALL HIGH and NUMB!
Vancouver BC now is looking at legalizing most drugs and if you get caught with a 'certain' amount you go see a Nurse!
otherwise FCCK off go Home

Who will most likely give you the 'NEEDLE' resist then U go to JAIL!

The POWERS that be know what the FCCK THEY are doing hey!

I can see it , can you ?

How many States allow this to happen in the USA?

Great way to acquire LAND! as well

Which is what this is ALL about. He with the most land WINS!

How many BORED GAMES taught us this?

I was told that life is beautiful,
Well I'm not looking through those eyes

You gotta be crazy to say you love me

Being crazy in paradise is easy

Kiss away the pain and leave me lonely