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MSM silent (surprise, surprise) about Arizona court ordering Maricopa County to turn over 2020 ballots for audit


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03/04/2021 12:48 AM

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MSM silent (surprise, surprise) about Arizona court ordering Maricopa County to turn over 2020 ballots for audit
The corrupt Maricopa County Board of Supervisors (Republicans, by the way) have run out of reasons to avoid turning over the 2.1 ballots for audit.

The District Court ruled on Friday that the subpoena issued by the State Legislature was legitimate and the ballots must be turned over. The Board of Supervisors have been flagrantly violating the law that says the ballots must be turned over the State Treasurer and ignoring the subpoena.

They have obviously been hiding something, and have taken it so far somebody may be eventually going to jail over the fraud. Gov. Doug Ducey (who is named on the leaked list of Chinese compromised state governors) was way too quick to allow the vote to be certified, even though there was massive mathmatical evidence of fraudulent ballots being counted.

It's on. It will take a month or more for the independent auditors to check all 2.1 million Maricopa County ballots, and those who have been fighting hard for this are absolutely convinced it will become obvious that the fix was in for Biden.

The MSM has been reporting that the voting machines were audited, and while that's TECHNICALLY true, they were audited by the company who supplies the machines to the state, and they only checked a handful of ballots. Other than that, the MSM has been SILENT about this whole thing.

YouTube is working hard to keep it on the down low. I watch EVERY video from the group behind it, but YT, in the last couple days have been burying the vids. It's extremely hard to find them. They no longer show up in my feed, and my subscription has been deleted a number of times.

Fuckery abounds, but these patriots are getting it done.

[link to www.azcentral.com (secure)]

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