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Subject Hey Putin lovers...
Poster Handle 03
Post Content
Man I hit a nerve huh?

Is Putin a Communist?

Maybe.. maybe not.. idgaf.
He grew up in a Communist era, and was a key figure in the Commie KGB. He's still a devious, manipulating, psycho path, who thinks he's a king.

And don't give me this "He was elected" bs. He was "elected" just as much as POTATUS Chiden was "elected".

How about an analogy?

Jimmy Saville loved kids... Did all kinds of great things for children, built hospitals, paid medical and other bills for families, telethons, tv shows, etc.. except in reality he was a sick pedo.
The good guy act was a cover to get close to children.

Yes I just compared Putin to a pedo. Get over it. I don't like him. Point is... He's a wolf in sheep's clothing.

The Dems don't like him because he has a ton of dirt on them (we know about the Uranium1 deal, Clintons, Etc..)

The right didn't join in on bashing Putin only to piss the left off.

You really don't think Putin and his people are responsible for SOME type of espionage in the United States in the last 4 years?


I won't be an asshole if some of you Putin supporters would like to chime in.

Mouse I unbanned you and your "buddies" if you want to have a civil discussion this time.
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