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Message Subject what are you truest
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I want to be part of a team that does things others are not willing or capable of. I desire direction, purpose, guidance and a mission. I want to be of service to my fellow human beings. I want to help in every way that I can. I want to use my time like the heroes I imagine are out there.
 Quoting: Lance Roseman From BC

Calm down Superman. Save yourself from you overblown ego first.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 77566057

Has nothing to do with ego, actually the opposite. A sacrifice of self to serve the purpose of all.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 77332424

Growing opposites brings only more duality about.

Enjoy Hell-yweird dream world.

Yea, tell that to the people who risk their lives on a daily basis to keep this world from descending into hell faster than it would otherwise.

They will die out and the world will go on, with them or without.

LOL at all doo-gooders! "not seeing planks in own eyes". Hypocrites!

If we left it up to you we would already be dead, you would be too worried what someone might think of you instead of committing yourself to the duty required of man who wishes to protect anything decent. You would be the first in a boxcar screaming don't resist and be a hypocrite!!!

Whatever your personal projection on others are, enjoy them.

Personal projection, what a load of shit. I expressed my desire to help my fellow man by any means necessary and you fucks find a way to have a problem with it. No honor, no respect just criticism and excuses. You know I'm not projecting because I would never suggest a fuck like you has the balls to do whats right.

Oh sheesh, by all means, be Here2Help, or you are of no merit at all. Don't let the trolls distract you from that fact. There are a few things in life. Family, your connection with God on a personal, not religious sense, and your capacity to be a human who helps. Pay attention to what you can do for another and step forward with pride my friend. Fuck all else.

Are you retarded? I suggested I would give my life to help. I would dedicate every resource I have to helping my people. Did you miss that part? Fuck off.

I told you to run with your notion. So go fuck yourself, peasant. Give your life to the furries of anger and reap the doom you project. May the ghostly souls of nothingness wring your meagre soul and etch into your being, archaic runes of forgetfullness and voidness. May you be blessed by w-rd. Suck on w-rd for a bit maggot. W-rd is not very forgiving. But you would know that if you even knew what the word meant. Fucking peasants playing word games? Get back to the fucking fields .

blah blah blah. Just more gas lighting and nonsense. I still desire to serve my people no matter what bullshit you come up with. Word games? Can't be any clearer than that fuck boy.

Oh well, start from small things first, learn to quote right for example.

More gas lighting. The quotes are broken. Don't even know where you are posting. Fuck off.
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