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breaking through

The Poet
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United States
03/05/2021 11:17 PM

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breaking through
the ages have passed
As a passing mist
Through them all we wore our masks
Feeling as though demon kissed

Timing seemingly always off
Now once again we stand at this choice
Those who do not know will only scoff
At the sounding of your voice

Times have come and they have gone
Seems the end we will never know
The spirit we do hone
As we rise from below

Twirling within the throughs of creation
Becoming more than imagined
More than just a vibration
what will you in form fashion

In the horizon it is breaking through
More than just a plight
Sparkling as dew
I can now see the light
neither here nor there.

In the spirit of brotherhood
Please spin your tale of fate
Let everything be understood
To the celebration I might be late