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I am me

The Poet
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United States
03/11/2021 07:20 PM

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I am me
I am me and all that it entails
I do not wish to be another
My memories are mine and all that it tells
From the wars to my brothers

My life has been my own
In its highs and its lows
Im not even sure I like your tone
From me words do flow

A gift that can not be bought
In Its beauty and its flaws
Is something that can not be taught
You would never understand my cause

Have been here since the start
That can not be taken by your wanting
In the roles I know my part
While lies is all you are flaunting

Dont pretend to know me
Cause you do not
Even if you think you can see
you will never connect the dots

So spew your hate
I do not care
As you did not write my fate
With drool dripping and blankly stare

I have paid the price
Walking through the boughs of hell
My genes I did splice
So its my story my tale
neither here nor there.

In the spirit of brotherhood
Please spin your tale of fate
Let everything be understood
To the celebration I might be late