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Subject The 3 Witnesses and Universal, Divine Common Sense of The Rainbow Will: A Great Word of Knowledge Regarding Soul Progression by TRUE Judgement
Poster Handle Guardian of The Faith
Post Content
Rainbow Covenant and Soul Progression
-7 base colors of rainbow spectrum
-7 base principles of Holy Wisdom for calculating divine, millennial reward and judgement for greatest equal justice

-life experience (sanctification, suffering, sin) into base color and quantity
-the soul awakening and universal defining of divine common sense for soul preservation and progression

1. good works (earthly, christian)

2. greater works (higher divinity)
***individual, distinguished sign of progression*** (witness of higher divinity)

3. lesser suffering (elemental disrespect and/or respect)

4. greater suffering (obedience against mark of the beast and god of forces)
***individual, distinguished sign of progression*** (witness of higher divinity)

5. (the millennial age curse of greater suffering)
***individual, sign of greater sin*** (
- the soul awakening of misfortune into the elemental witnessing
of broken family vs charmed fortunate (parent and child)
- the full strength of sin unto greater suffering

-three witnesses of higher divinity (witness of higher divinity)
(the full potential strength of sin in the scenaric absence of past millennial rainbow covenant understanding)

6. lesser sin

7. greater sin (mark of the beast) (god of forces)
- family lineage severance (earthly curse and murder)
- family lineage severance (millennial curse potential)
- power of kingdom building in cursed currency vs greatest suffering against
- consequences of custodial severance unto multi-life generational soul spectrum into millennial
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