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We gave TPTW enough rope to hang themselves

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03/15/2021 09:53 AM
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We gave TPTW enough rope to hang themselves
We gave TPTW enough rope to hang themselves, let the dead bury the dead ...

[link to www.youtube.com (secure)]

Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely

Governmentally ill power structures attract mainly egomaniac, sociopath, talented speech puppet, speaking trumpet and actor who sell out to highest deep state bidders to float on top of the food chain, at least temporarily, yet we have to give them enough rope to hang themselves, Divine Law of Cause and Effect will teach each of them a lesson they will never ever forget, but never wait for them to bring change, change does not exist in their vocabulary!

Change yourself first for the better in order to govern yourself properly, in doing so we signal Cosmic Intelligence that we have reached adulthood, Heaven will then send us new programs without clown shows, who in reality only mirror our own clown level consciousness ... thats the entire truth and nothing but the troof ...

B the change you wish to see in the World, its all in our capable hands!

Thread: The Black House in Brainwashington wants you to choose between Scylla & Charybdis, when in fact you should look for change within

Thread: Govern yourself for the Synarchy within!

Plandemic, lockdowns and rampant vaccination are clear signs that emboldened science has overruled religion, once again, and if we watch bloodless poop francis of global churchianity and other crystalized misleadersheep of mainstream Re-legion, we shouldn't be surprised either ...

Thread: The universe is an entity that we can grasp from the outside by means of science, and from the inside by means of religion

‘Enter through the narrow gate’, said Jesus. It will be easier for you to understand these words if I give you another image: that of the snake shedding its skin. When the snake senses that a new skin has formed under its old one, it looks for a crack or a small hole in the rocks and slithers in. This is difficult – it takes a lot of effort for it to pass through the ‘narrow gate’. But when it re-emerges, it has got rid of its old skin. In the same way, each of us must one day pass through the ‘narrow gate’ in order to shed our old skin, our old ideas, habits and ways of thinking. So know that the time will come for you too. Passing through the narrow gate is of course a painful ordeal. But do not worry or be afraid; rejoice at the thought of shedding your old skin and becoming a new being with deeper understanding, a more generous heart and new behavior, which will bring only blessings to others.

"Jesus said, ‘Enter through the narrow gate, for the gate is wide and the road is easy that leads to destruction.’ This narrow gate which allows access to the Kingdom of God is the gate of initiation. Initiation is an asceticism which teaches man how to work on his lower nature. We can compare this asceticism to the narrow passage a snake slides through when it needs to shed its skin. A disciple is one who prepares himself to pass through the narrow gate: there he sheds his old skins, he tears himself from his lower bodies – the astral and mental bodies – in order to live in his higher bodies – the causal, buddhic and atmic bodies. Each of you has been called to pass through this narrow gate. Instead of being anxious and frightened at the prospect of the hardships you will have to endure, rejoice at the opportunity you have been given to become a new person with the thoughts, feelings and comportment worthy of a child of God."

"From the earth to the stars, the whole universe obeys the law of hierarchy. This means that the grossest and heaviest elements accumulate below, whereas the lightest and purest elements tend to rise. This is a physical law which is also found in the psychic realm. The disciple who understands this law strives to climb very high through meditation, contemplation and prayer in order to capture the subtlest particles of matter with which to build his subtle bodies, his spiritual bodies. And as these materials are linked to energies, to entities, the purer they are, the more vibrant and radiant are the energies and entities that are attached to them. Thus, by replacing the old particles of his body with new ones, the disciple welcomes more evolved visitors into his psyche."

"The Invisible World is structured very well. Now He is preparing something to put order into the world. One of the greatest experiments in the Universe is set before us. Advanced Beings are descending from the Invisible World. They come to transform the conditions of life. They will put order into the world. Do you know which Forces these great Brothers have at their disposal! The Luminous Beings are coming and bringing the new culture. After these events spiritual knowledge will be applied on the physical plane. Those who work in the Divine Arena will be needed more than ever.

"The White Brothers have besought all of humankind and have given them an ultimatum. If people do not subject themselves to the Divine, they will move into action.

"Through the Light, the Advanced Beings - the Forces of Light -struggle with the forces of darkness. The Light is the most powerful weapon. The Forces of Light already have the upper hand over the forces of darkness. Victory is on the side of the Good.

"Today we are engaged in great battles. When we finish traveling, we will reach the Promised Land. We will sit under the fig tree, and we will rest.

"The reason for the failure of prior cultures was that the astral world had not yet been ordered and cleansed.

"The new culture of the astral world will be introduced to the earth.

"The most beautiful life is coming now. Until now, you have had no brothers and sisters. Your brothers and sisters are coming now. Great Blessings are coming to the earth after this adversity. Something good is coming into the world. It is better for hardship to come first and then the Blessing than vice versa.

"The contradictions will continue until we come into Love which overcomes everything in the world.

"The new Teaching does not need to make a stir in the world. We do not come to uproot: there are others who will come before us who will uproot and weed out. We will plant the seeds and cultivate them quietly and patiently until they mature.

"You need to be happy that you live in one of the greatest epochs.

"The following transformation will occur in the world. When the good people were in service to the bad ones, the bad ones were the masters. Now the opposite will occur: the bad people will serve the good ones. You want to eliminate the bad people. No. They will learn how to serve the good ones. Now the order is changing: the good will rule and the bad will be in servitude, just as the good were the servants until now. This means that the good will take the place of the bad in the leadership of the world."

Thread: The purpose of initiation is to extract a human being from their limited circle of their lower self

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fathomabliss  (OP)

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03/15/2021 07:02 PM
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Re: We gave TPTW enough rope to hang themselves
Anonymous Coward
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10/10/2023 04:35 PM
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Re: We gave TPTW enough rope to hang themselves