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Subject UPDATE on the BULLSH*T Spa murders & more satanic numerology in play
Poster Handle DCB33
Post Content
It appears the bad guys are now switching from news about "abused" blacks to "abused" Asians...Watch and listen in the next few weeks and you WILL see this new agenda in play!

Both demonize whites and tout their anti-white supremacy nonsense. More "DIVIDE and CONQUER" crap in action.

ABC and David Muir had an hour long special tonight on the spa nonsense. There were 3 spas in play but all the news camera shots show
GOLD (11) SPA (9) = 20 = 11

News gal Juju Chang was conducting remote interviews all show with the sign GOLD (11) SPA (9) over her shoulder for the whole hour special. And below is another great example of them using satanic numerology to TAG this nonsense "event"

Also from the David Muir Asian murder special...they interview 2 alleged pro-asian advocates,

Andrew (11) and Evelyn (11) Yang (11)

True story 11 11 11

And guess what? In the interview from their house...the whole time there was a big banner on the wall behind
Andrew (11) & Evelyn (11) Yang (11)...

It alternated blue and white squares...and each one said:
YANG (11) YANG (11) YANG (11) YANG (11) YANG (11)
HaHaHa Whhhheeeeeeee.....Nothing but satanic 11's =
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