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Message Subject HELP!! I read about therapy to reverse "brain asleep" - some hormone or something like that - my uncle is in hospital they are ready to pull
Poster Handle The Rocker
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Dear OP, I am so sorry for what you are going through.

PLEASE, go record some of your uncle's favorite music and take it to him in the hospital. Put HEADPHONES (very important) on him and let him listen to his favorite music at a low/comfortable volume level.

There is a program called Music & Memory that is helping people with dementia and alzheimer's and is having immense success. Will it help with what you have going on? Maybe. What could it hurt to give it a try.

But if it were me, I wouldn't wait to get informed about that program and what they do, just get the music to him and let him listen to it over the headphones.
You may be extremely surprised at his response to it.....

Best to you and yours, OP. I pray for a positive outcome.
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