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Australia preparing for fake conflict with China

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03/29/2021 12:45 PM
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Australia preparing for fake conflict with China
Australian Govt re-shuffle
After a series of staged sex scandals involving Govt ministers--Australian Leader has placed more women in key cabinet positions

One reason for this is Planned Austerity
Women are always promoted as front-men when the SHTF

Conversely--the female pearl-wearing stooge acting as Defence Minister was elbowed out & replaced by Minister in charge of Fed Police/Intel

They're obviously getting ready to stage a fake conflict bw China & Taiwan
Evergreen is a Taiwanese ship
It made world headlines for a reason
This was the signal--for their global minions to get ready

All China has to do to bring Taiwan to heel--is to cut their underwater com/internet cables to the mainland
Cut off Bankers lines of communications
There's no need for War