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Western "Democracy" Explained in Sheeple Language

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United States
04/01/2021 02:59 PM

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Western "Democracy" Explained in Sheeple Language
There is a concept of Democracy and there is a Western multinational order called "Democracy". And despite the fact that this order is presented as a concept of Democracy, the two are completely different things and are not even comparable.

The basis of this multinational order is Fascism. And in order to make Fascism acceptable and even praised, TPTB borrow Socialism and Democracy concepts when needed and in moderate proportions, so as not to overdo it, otherwise the sheeple will get too much good.

Thus, my friends, there aren't really any "commies" in this "Democracy" order no matter how "Socialismy" they are and TPTB are afraid of Communism because Communism will take away their power and will give it to the people. That's why TPTB voluntarily throw you bones to keep you "happy". They want obedient workers. That's how TPTB get richer.